Downtown Winston-Salem Senior Session

Rachel, class of 2013, wants to live in a big city sometime after she graduates. She wants to be a part of the hustle and bustle of city-living, and feels like she belongs in the urban surroundings of buildings, parks and those curious little areas one finds within downtown areas. Because of this, for her session we decided on shooting in downtown Winston-Salem. While it may not be the largest of cities, Winston also has some of those unique spots and treasured finds that larger cities do have. We enjoyed finding, shooting, and spending a little time in the urban environment a few weeks ago for Rachel’s session. One of the challenges was that Megan, who typically acts as set assistant, had injured her leg in a softball game a few nights prior, and wasn’t able to walk well, much less carry equipment. Thank goodness that Molly, Rachel’s mom, stepped in and became “Honorary Assistant” for the day – thanks to her, we captured some awesome shots. It’s always fun when our clients get involved in helping to create the images!